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Family Matters

We are opticians for all your family – we are a small independent group which attracts many generations within the same families. This is because the service that we provide is trusted, with all patients receiving honest realistic advice about any changes to their eyes. Have a look at our offers below or click here to download. Please bring this download along to any of our stores to redeem your offer.

Free Airwear Lens

At Firstsight Opticians children under 16 who need glasses will be supplied with Airwear Junior lenses as standard. These lenses are 12 times more impact resistant and 30% lighter than standard lenses - ideal for children’s rough and tumble lifestyle.

15% Off Glasses 

Students will receive a 15% discount on all spectacle purchases and this includes all our top designer brands - when it comes to keeping the cost down but still looking good, then we know what we are talking about.

Mums & Dads
Choose The Varifocal

We have are registered as a Varilux Specialist practice and this means we are accredited as experts in varifocals lenses. Varilux lenses were the first varifocals lenses in the world and have continually developed their lenses to stay ahead of the competition. Their modern designs are digitally surfaced lenses with increased clarity and are the easiest to adapt to. This means that for those patients in their forties who are now struggling with close work, there is now an easy solution.

Piece of Mind

For people all ages, the health of the eyes is paramount, however as you get older the incidence of sight threatening conditions increases, which is why patients over 60 are able to be recalled on an annual basis, if is considered clinically necessary. This decision whether to recall a patient early is now made easier with the new improved diagnostic equipment which we have recently invested in.

At Firstsight Opticians all our standard eye examinations last ½ hour, however should that not be long enough then we will bring patients back for any additional tests if required. All eye examinations and additional tests are free of charge when clinically necessary.