Scottish Eyecare & Hearing Care Specialists based all around Scotland

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66 High Street, Johnstone, Scotland, PA5 8SG

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Our Eye & Hearing Care Sevices

Eye Exam

The eye examination does much more than just test your vision.

Tailor Made Lenses

Not all lenses are the same. Getting the right lenses is essential.

Contact Lenses

Whether you’re active, sporting or simply feel like refining your personal look.

Enhanced Eye Care

No two eyes are the same and there is no such thing as a standard patient

Home Visits

If you are no longer able to attend the practice, we can arrange to visit you in your home.

Emergency Eye Care

We are the first port of call for any eye emergencies. A patient calling the practice will be assessed and treated as required.

Hearing Care

We offer FREE hearing consultation which will allow us to give you the best advice for your specific hearing requirements.

Ear Wax Removal

Earwax is supposed to be there and is not unhealthy or dirty. It is in fact a cleaning mechanism for your ear and is produced by little glands deep inside the ear canal.

Hearing Aids

We work with the best suppliers of hearing aids and assistive devices. Our focus is always on supplying what is best for our clients

Home Visits

We appreciate not all of our clients can visit our fixed locations therefore we offer a home visit service