So, you have purchased a hearing aid or more likely two? What was the main reason? Most probably you could not hear in background noise or could not hear the TV? Yet you still struggle with both, why? Hearing aids are essential to get you hearing better especially when you consider the cognitive exercises they will make your brain perform! Yet they are not normal ears and won’t give you bionic hearing in fact in most cases they will only be effective up to about 1.5 metres and how effective they are depends on the technology you have in your ears. This of course is the most important place to start. Get the best technology for your ears.

Once you have the best technology you then have to think about assistive devices or as I like to call them essential devices! Assistive devices effectively take your hearing aids to another part of the room while you remain where you are. Assistive devices connect to your hearing aids either through Bluetooth direct to your apple phone or android phone or like the very best systems from Phonak through a propriety chip called sword or Roger. These chips work on FM and are by far the best technology to get you hearing in the most difficult situations.

Take the new Roger Select from Phonak for example. This system is so intelligent it sends beams round a busy room and will only pick up the voices you wish to hear. This is called beam forming and has to be heard to be believed. The Phonak Roger Select system can be used on just about any hearing aid on the market so you don’t even have to change hearing aids to experience it.

Lanarkshire Hearing Centre have extensive experience in Roger equipment and would advise that you pop in and get a free demonstration. We believe you will be blown away by how effective it is.

A normal hearing person in noise will hear better with Roger than a person without! It is that good!

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Could your hearing aids Bluetooth to your phone? 

Could your hearing aids connect automatically to your phone?


The Roger Pen is a revolutionary device that allows you to single out speakers in a very busy room. 

Already have hearing aids? No problem Roger can work with just about any hearing aid and may be compatible with the ones you already have. 

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Phonak's latest ground braking assitive device. When your hearing aids combine with the power and directional hearing from the Roger select you give yourself the best chance of hearing in noise. Direct streams audio from your TV. 

Roger Select works with just about any hearing aid so may work with your current hearing technology.

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